Wrist Wraps (2020 Endure Range)
Wrist Wraps (2020 Endure Range)
Wrist Wraps (2020 Endure Range)
Wrist Wraps (2020 Endure Range)
Wrist Wraps (2020 Endure Range)

Wrist Wraps (2020 Endure Range)

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Place Your Pre-Order By The 22nd Of February 2021 1200 Hours And Receive It On The First Week Of March 2021.

This is a Limited Edition item with most sizes on Pre-Order.

Only M sizes for Flexible have ready stocks at the moment.

For Pre-Order sizes, fulfilment will roughly take 2 weeks to 4 weeks (depending on when the next restock date is).

Feel free to drop us an email first to check if the fulfilment duration is shorter then expected.

To get the right size, we would highly recommend trying out our sample pieces first through an appointment booked here.

You may also refer to our sizing FAQs here.


  • IPF approved and 8cm wide
  • Proprietary elastic specifically manufactured for wrist support
  • Heavy duty left and right thumb loops enable equal wrapping of both wrists 
  • Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain

Two materials: Flexible and Stiff. 
Flexible Wrist Wraps provides sufficient support while allowing slight flexion of the wrists. 

Stiff Wrist Wraps are recommended for equipped benchers, or for those who really need that extra cast iron support.  

Three different lengths available: 40cm, 60cm and 1 metre. 

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