10MM Powerlifting Belt Out Now

Our new 10mm Powerlifting Belt has similar features to our market leading 13mm Powerlifting Belt, including the patented adjustable lever design, full UK manufacturing, using only British hide, finished with a black oiled leather outer and a red suede interior, but with the following changes;

  • A 10mm thickness constructed from two cuts of leather and one layer of suede, selected to conform to your body shape; still providing significant support but with greater comfort.
  • An updated adjustable lever buckle, featuring the same gliding lever mechanism launched 7 years ago, but in a lower profile design mirroring the 10mm thickness, with 3mm shorter prongs, and 3mm reduction in thickness of the body of the buckle.
  • A new buckle aesthetic with a larger, more prominent SBD logo, and softer rounded edges, that minimises discomfort from contact with the legs - significant for those athletes selecting the 10mm Powerlifting Belt due to the lower overall profile.
  • A ‘Made in Sheffield’ stamp on the leather, subtly hidden behind the patented lever buckle.



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