Weightlifting Belt Selection Guide

What are the differences between the 13mm and 10mm belt?

The 10mm powerlifting belt shares many features with the 13mm powerlifting belt, including its patented adjustable lever design. The belt is fully constructed in the UK, using only British hides, finished with a black oiled leather outer and a red suede interior.

The 10mm thickness of the belt - constructed from two cuts of leather and one layer of suede - will provide significant support but with less restriction than the 13mm belt. This allows for a greater degree of back flexion, allowing the user to lift with less inhibition and to achieve positions that the 13mm belt may restrict.

The adjustable lever buckle on the 10mm belt has also been updated, featuring the same gliding lever mechanism found on the 13mm belt, but with a lower profile design with softer rounded edges.

Which SBD belt should I choose?

The 13mm belt will be the most supportive belt. However, where an athlete has a shorter torso, has a lifting style which requires back flexion or experiences contact between their legs and the belt, the 10mm belt can still provide great support within obstructing their natural lifting style.

Additionally, by virtue of the 10mm belt being a more forgiving belt that will mould more easily for the athlete, the 10mm belt may be preferable over the 13mm for training and for an athlete investing in their first belt.


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