Sizing and Fit

Trying On Our Products

If you would like to try on an item before purchasing, click here to book an appointment. You can collect your item(s) on the spot after making payment online via our website. 

For items such as the belt and knee sleeves, we strongly recommend you to try them on to get a measurement as accurate as possible before making a purchase.


Q: What size should I get for my knee sleeves? 

A: Follow the size chart (it is very accurate) and measure around your knee joint. If your calves are larger than your knee joints, use the calves' measurement instead to ensure that the sleeves are able to go beyond your calves. 


Q: What are some ways in which I can help pull on my sleeves? 

A: Pulling on the sleeves for the first time can be difficult, but do become easier over time as you get used to it. Here are some methods commonly seen used by lifters.

1. Pull the sleeve over your ankle. Fold the top down by a few cm, then fold the bottom up by a few cm. Alternate pulling and pushing the sleeves until it goes past your knee joint.

2. Sprinkle baby powder on the inside of the sleeves and your legs to help slide the sleeves on. You can also wrap a large plastic bag around your calf and shin to slide the sleeves on. 

3. Slip-ons, which are used by geared powerlifters to help pull on their suits, are very effective for putting on the knee sleeves too. Click here to purchase a pair

When trying on the knee sleeves with us, bring along a pair of knee length socks to help in putting on the sleeves for the first time.


Q: What size should I get for the SBD belt? 

A: Measure around your waist and follow the size chart as it provides the most accurate measurement. If you are unsure, book an appointment here to try on the belt before making a purchase online.


Q: What is the difference between the stiff and flexible wrist wraps? 

A: Flexible wrist wraps are designed for easy self-wrapping during training, for accessory work, and competition use.

Stiff wrist wraps are slightly tougher to wrap around, but designed for maximal effort work and also an excellent choice for competition use.