Sizing FAQs

Trying On Our Items

If you would like to try on an item to get the right fit and size before purchasing, please contact us here. We will arrange a timing to meet up with you so you can try all our products! You may purchase the item(s) on the spot, and we accept cash.  



Q: How do I know what size to get for my knee sleeves? 

A: Measure around your knee, and follow the sizing chart. The sizing chart is very accurate.  If your calves are larger than your knee joints, then use the calves' measurement, because your sleeves won't be able to go beyond your calves if they're too small. 


Q: What are some ways in which I can help pull on my sleeves? 

A: You can get suit slip-ons, which are used by geared powerlifters to help pull on their suits, but are very effective for pulling on the knee sleeves too. They're available here! Alternatively, sprinkle baby powder on the inside of the sleeves and your legs to help slide the sleeves on. You can also use a large plastic bag to help slide the sleeves on. 

It is easier to slide the sleeves on if you pull it over your ankle, then fold the top down by a few cm, and fold the bottom up by a few cm, then alternate pulling and pushing the sleeves to get it over your knee joint. 


Q: Can I try on the sleeves before purchasing? 

A: Yes! Please contact us to arrange a meet up. 


Q: How flexible are the SBD flexible wrist wraps? 

A: The name "flexible" is quite a misnomer. While they are more flexible compared to the stiff ones, the SBD flexible wrist wraps are comparable to the Metal Black wrist wraps, or the Titan THP ones.