Sizing And Wearing Guides

Trying On Our Products

The belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves and wrist wraps are available for trying. We strongly advise you to try them on to get a measurement as accurate as possible before making a purchase.

Click here to book an appointment. You can collect your item(s) on the spot after making payment online via our website. 

You are recommended to bring along a pair of knee length socks to help put on knee sleeves for the first time.


Questions On This Page:


Q: What size should I get for my Knee Sleeves?

A: Take 2 measurements -
1. around the centre of your kneecap
(leg stretched out)

2. around the top of your calf
(where the bottom of the knee sleeve will sit).

Using Measurement #1, follow the size chart. For example, if your knee joint measures 34.5cm, M size will be a recommended fit. If you are looking for more compression, or for use in a competition, opt for the S size.

*If you are already facing difficulty wearing the 7mm knee sleeves and considering getting the Powerlifting variant, please consider to size up for the Powerlifting variant.*

If your calf is 4cm larger than your knee, then you may wish to size up to ensure a good fit.

Also if you are new to wearing knee sleeves we would recommend going with the regular fit instead of sizing down, especially if you fall on size medium or smaller.

We would highly recommend wearing a a pair of deadlift socks if you have trouble sliding the Knee Sleeves pass your calves.

If you are unsure, book an appointment here to try on the sleeves before making a purchase online.


Q: How do I wear the Knee Sleeves? 

A: The knee sleeves should be worn with equal portions of them above and below your knees. Putting on the sleeves for the first time can be difficult, but this becomes easier over time as you get used to it.

*Important, wear a pair of knee length socks to help the sleeves slide on more easily along a smoother surface. It would help to pull the knee sleeves up much easier.*

You may consider our deadlift socks for this:




1. Pull the knee sleeve over your ankle.


2. Fold the knee sleeve half downwards from the top.


3. Use both hands to pull knee sleeves from the bottom. Stop when it touches the middle of your knee.


4. Unfold the knee sleeves and if it's done right, it should cover equal portions above and below the knee. Stand up and pull it to straighten out any bunching at the back and front.

*Please take note that during competition, there must be separation between the sock and knee sleeve after wearing.


If you are unsure on how to wear it or your sizing, book an appointment here to try on the sleeves before making a purchase online.


Q: What is the difference between the stiff and flexible wrist wraps? 


A: Flexible wrist wraps are designed for easy self-wrapping during training, for accessory work, and competition use.

Stiff wrist wraps are slightly tougher to wrap around, but designed for maximal effort work and also an excellent choice for competition use.


Our most popular wrist wraps are the Flexible Mediums (60cm) as it is just the right length for majority of the users and provides good compression while allowing some wrist flexion.

To have a feel of the wrist wraps, book an appointment here to try them before making a purchase online.


Q: What size should I get for the SBD belt? 

A: Take a measurement of your waist (above the hips and around your belly button), with your abdominal muscles braced. Using this measurement, follow the size chart below.

Please do not use your normal trouser measurement as this will not be accurate for the belt measurement.

We recommend a belt where your measurement falls in the middle of the sizing guide. For example, if your waist measures 80cm, go for the M size which covers the 70 - 90cm range.

This allows adjustment of the belt in either direction depending on your preference of fit, or should your bodyweight change. 
If you are unsure, book an appointment here to try on the belt before making a purchase online.