Knee Sleeves Selection Guide

7MM Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

These is our latest release and it is the most supportive among the variants. It is 7mm in thickness and 30cm in length, in compliant with IPF and IWF maximum allowable lengths.

The SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves are made with a much higher density neoprene than our original 7mm Knee Sleeves and offer not only enhanced compression, but maximal surface contact, as the sleeve moulds to the joint all the way through the range of motion. Maintaining compression, and avoiding gapping during flexion means that the knee joint is supported, consistently, all the way through the lift, helping the lifter maintain form, bar speed, and a natural squat path as they approach maximal attempts.

This new 7mm powerlifting knee sleeve has been designed for competitive powerlifters that need the maximum possible support from their sleeves.

The exterior comes with an abrasion resistant outer lining to ensure which ensures durability.

This variant would be harder to wear as compared to the original 7mm knee sleeves thus it is recommended to wear a knee length sock if you're facing trouble getting it pass your calves. Do refer to this guide on how to wear it.



7MM Knee Sleeves

These are the original knee sleeves that were first released. It is 7mm in thickness and 30cm in length in compliant with IPF and IWF maximum allowable length as well.

Designed to minimize the risk of injury and to aid performance.

If you are new to the sport of powerlifting or an intermediate level lifter, our original 7mm knee sleeves will be a great entry point for you to get great knee support for your heavy lifts.

Suitable for powerlifters or general gym goers who practice static movements such as squats, leg presses and etc..

Wearing the knee sleeves maybe difficult for first timers, do refer to this guide if you are having trouble sliding it pass your calves.


5MM Knee Sleeves

Released after the original 7mm knee sleeves, these were made to be thinner and shorter.

Designed to provide compression and support through a greater range of motion.

Primarily focusing on Olympic Weightlifters who needs a more dynamic range of motion; it was developed in collaboration with world-class athletes, coaches and health professionals.

As these knee sleeves are less restrictive, it is suitable for crossfitters too.

It is also made with an abrasion resistant material which works well for barbell movements that may graze against the knee sleeves during training.


Which Should I Choose

It depends on the kind of sport that you're practicing and the amount of support needed.

Every athlete have different training needs.

In general powerlifters tend to go with the original 7MM Knee Sleeves or the newly release 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves variant if you're a competitive powerlifter.

Olympic Weightlifters and crossfitters would opt for the 5MM variant instead.


I Am Still Unsure On Which To Go For

Not to worry you may opt for an appointment to do a fitting instead. Feel free to book an appointment here.

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