Knee Wraps

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Made of proprietary wide elastics developed and manufactured specifically for knee support, they have elongation of 150% to allow for maximum coverage and variation in wrapping support. This means a 2.5 metre wrap can stretch to 5.0 metres! 

With two different support types - competition & training, you can pick the knee wraps to suit your "kneeds". Competition knee wraps are black with red stripes, while the training knee wraps are red with black stripes.

Training wraps can be self-wrapped and offer greater comfort in training, novice/intermediate events, and for multiple reps. Competition wraps offer the maximal strength with the greatest rebound, best suited for experienced athletes. 

2m wraps are the maximum length for IPF approved competitions, while 2.5m wraps can be used for training and unrestricted sports like Strongman.