What is SBD about?

Designed for the best; available to all

New to our website and brand? Here at SBD Singapore, we provide equipment and apparel manufactured exclusively in Great Britain to bring you quality products suitable for both elite strength performance and general training. For professional athletes worldwide participating in competitions that focus on strength such as powerlifting or strongman - SBD provides premium supportive gear they can rely on to achieve a powerful squat, a successful log press, or a winning deadlift. However, as reiterated in the slogan, 'Designed for the best; available to all', we do not forget people who take on roles neither as elite nor competitive athletes, but simply as someone looking to improve their overall strength and health.

With an increasing number of people now taking steps to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle, they also begin to recognize the importance of investing in quality equipment that enhances their performance at the gym, while offering support against potential injury. Either way, SBD fulfils its purpose by catering to those on their pursuit for the development of fitness and growth of strength respectively.

What does SBD stand for?

To provide more context, SBD stands for Squat, Bench press, and Deadlift. Otherwise referred to as compound movements, these 3 exercises work multiple muscle groups at one time to facilitate the process of gaining muscle and building strength! These compound exercises are commonly seen performed at gyms everywhere.

Is SBD for you?

For most of us, the above mentioned exercises are probably nothing too foreign and may very possibly be part of an average gym-goer's training routine. However, we often hear all these talk about how a particular session at the gym has resulted in some form of discomfort or injury, for instance:

  • "Too much weight on bench press bends my wrists backwards and it hurts."
  • "My back is really sore from doing heavy deadlifts!"
  • "Squatting lower is something I'd avoid as I do not wish to injure my knees.”
Do these sound familiar or even applicable to you? If your answer to any of the above question is yes, fret not! In our next post, let us discuss how specific SBD equipment can be beneficial across a variety of training by providing ideal and sufficient support to your body, while minimizing any risks of injury when used in the correct manner.

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